4 Commonly Asked Queries About Senior Independent Living Communities

4 Commonly Asked Queries About Senior Independent Living Communities

4 commonly asked queries about senior independent living communities
Independent senior living communities or retirement communities are residential facilities for seniors above 55 years of age. Independent living for seniors is meant for those seniors who no longer want to stay in their own homes or require assistance in their daily activities. These residential facilities are known to offer seniors a good opportunity to stay among an active senior community and have easy access to medical care and other assistance facilities to manage their residential quarters. Here are a few commonly asked queries about senior independent living facilities.

What are the advantages of senior independent living?

  • When seniors decide to live in independent living communities, they choose a life that is relatively stress-free. Seniors do not have the obligation of managing their own homes and looking after plumbing, electricals, and other maintenance requirements of the house.
  • Many seniors are often concerned about security when they live alone. Senior independent living facilities provide complete security to the residents living in the community. Many such facilities are gated communities with round-the-clock surveillance.
  • Another benefit of senior independent living is that seniors are assured of 24/7 medical care and emergency services. Such communities have their own in-house medical center or are connected with a hospital in the vicinity to provide emergency or general medical care facilities to the residents.
  • Many independent living communities offer facilities like a clubhouse, a media room, a library, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, and a recreational center. This gives a lot of opportunities for socializing and making quality use of time for the seniors.

What are the costs of senior independent living facilities across various states?

  • Minnesota, South Dakota, Utah, Illinois, and Louisiana have the lowest average costs of independent senior living. The average monthly cost for senior living communities in these states ranges from around $1400 to $2000.
  • States like New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut have the highest average costs of independent senior living. The costs range from approximately $3000 to $4000, per month.
  • Across all states, seniors do not have to pay any property tax on the house they occupy in a senior living community.

What are the various factors that affect the cost of senior independent living facilities?

  • The basic costs of a house or an apartment in a senior living facility depend on its size and extra features such as a balcony, a kitchen, and a private entry patio.
  • The monthly costs for independent living for seniors also include utilities such as water and electricity, housekeeping services, meals, laundry, and recreational facilities. A few senior independent living homes also charge for assisted activities such as shopping trips and sightseeing. The cost will also include a non-refundable deposit of around $750.
  • Extra charges may be applicable for medical necessities and Internet usage. Also, additional charges may be applicable if accommodation is required for a second person accommodation and if there are requests for food and other amenities for guests and personal unscheduled transportation requirements.

Which are some of the well-known senior independent living communities for seniors?

  • Brookdale Senior Living Solutions– One of the biggest companies in the senior housing industry, Brookdale Senior Living Solutions have 1000 communities across the country. With over 1,00,000 residents across these communities, this senior independent living provider is the largest provider of high-quality assisted living facilities in the country.
  • Sunrise Senior Living– With more than 250 communities that have around 25,000 residents, Sunrise Senior Living is one of the most popular senior living providers. Some of the notable features of the communities include the fact that they are pet-friendly and have memory care living solutions.
  • Five Star Senior Living– With communities across 32 states, Five Star Senior Living is the third largest provider of senior independent and assisted living solutions in the country. It is quite popular for its fine dining program and meticulously curated meal plans to suit individual needs.

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