Apple iPhone – A Brand With A Global Presence

Apple iPhone – A Brand With A Global Presence

Apple iPhone – A brand with a global presence

Flagship products designed and manufactured by Apple are a combination of stunning design and powerful computing. The iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad have set a standard in the industry for future startups and multinationals to follow their lead. This revolution in the tech industry was set in motion by the company’s founder and visionary leader, Steve Jobs.

Over the years, the iPhone series has received tremendous success globally. It should come as no surprise that the premium smartphone maker is planning to release new models in late September 2018. Here are a few interesting product specifications and expectations for the upcoming and current Apple iPhone series.

Which are the new Apple iPhones to look forward to this year?

  • One of the models rumored to be launching late this year is a bigger version of the iPhone X.
  • Although the name of the model has not been confirmed as of yet, it is predicted to be cheaper than its predecessor.
  • Apple iPhones are known for their sturdy build quality for all the variants in the series and the new iPhone is expected to have a redesigned look with better materials and color.
  • You can expect a higher screen resolution, enhancements in processing speeds, and a better battery life.

Is the iPhone X the best ever in the series?

  • Display and a great user interface are two key features of any smartphone. The Apple iPhone X manages to deliver on both the parameters with a stunning end-to-end display and the highly interactive and colorful iOS.
  • The iPhone X has enhanced gesture controls as it does not feature its iconic home button.
  • It is one of the first in the series that uses a swipe up gesture feature to go back to the main menu.
  • The iPhone X also features a bigger display than the other existing alternatives in the market.

Which is a better choice between the iPhone 7 and 8?

  • When it comes to screen size, both the iPhone 7 and 8 feature a 5.5 Retina HD with a true tone display.
  • The iPhone 8 is powered by a new A11 bionic chip with a 64-bit architecture supported by an M11 motion compressor.
  • The processor in the iPhone 8 is a major upgrade over the A10 fusion chip featured in the iPhone 7.
  • You also enjoy a maximum storage capacity of around 256GB with the iPhone 8 as its predecessors only offered up to 128GB with the 7 Plus and 6S Plus.
  • The iPhone 8 and 7 both feature similar battery performance and uptime.
  • However, one of the main advantages of the iPhone 8 Plus is wireless charging with support for Qi chargers.
  • While functionality is similar in many ways, iPhone 8 is the more clear and obvious choice in the flagship series.

How is the camera of an iPhone different from any other smartphone?

  • Apple iPhone features one of the smallest aperture settings for both the wide angle and telephoto lens with a 12MP resolution.
  • The enhanced image control with optical image stabilization allows you to take blur-free pictures
  • A wide color capture for photos and videos further enhances the quality of the image.
  • Apple is also among the first few smartphone companies to launch the portrait mode.
  • The portrait mode is an interesting feature that blurs the background to create a sharp focus on the foreground.
  • The iPhone 8 also offers a portrait lighting system which is being tested in beta mode on popular variants.

Why is Apple iPhone better than Android alternatives in the market?

  • The iOS is one of the main reasons why most people prefer the iPhone over Android. In terms of compatibility, the iOS supports most applications and offers exclusive, paid apps designed only for the iPhone.
  • It goes without saying that the Apple iPhone is a status symbol that has global recognition and presence. This phone will not only offer you a pride of being its owner but will also provide you with a smooth interface that will enhance the user experience.
  • An iPhone also lasts longer in comparison to Android alternatives owing to a superior build quality and user experience.
  • You can also easily resell an iPhone as the product has a higher value in the market.

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