Cell Phone Plans In The Market

Cell Phone Plans In The Market

Cell phone plans in the market
With so many service providers in the market, there is tough competition, with great offers to meet the requirements of every type of budget and choice. With contract phones being nearly a thing of the past, one might need to do some research for a compare and find the best no contract cell phone plans. According to a recent study with over 90,000 cell phone users, the various hacks used by consumers to get the best cell phone plans were found out. Switching service providers or carriers was one of the most popular options. This helps cut almost $20 on the bills every month. Further, the number of users on a single plan/account and network quality in a consumer area and the cost of service were factors that were found to have contributed to the customer’s preferences while comparing cell phone plans.

Which no contract cell phone plans are good for your usage type in comparison to others?

  • Single users: Republic Wireless was judged the best in comparison of the good no contract cell phone service plans.
  • Family connections: T-Mobile is good for multiple connections on a single line. Sprint, on the other hand, gives good service for all types of connections.

Which monthly plans are the best no contract cell phone plans in comparison to the others in the market?
There are a range of plans from various service providers. Here are some of the currently popular plans:

  • MetroPCS: Unlimited 4G LTE data on a single line costs $50 and $100 for four lines. A monthly plan of $30 offers 2 GB 4G LTE data with a reduced speed and network congestion-based performance post the 2 GB limit.
  • FreedomPop: Their basic plan is 100% free. This is a monthly pack offering talk time of up to 200 minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB data, along with a bonus pack that includes 2 GB free data. This plan is also compatible with AT&T or T-Mobile phones or most GSM phones that can be canceled anytime.
  • Boost® mobile: Their monthly plan with unlimited calls and text and data of 3 GB 4G LTE is available at $35.
  • Consumer Cellular: They offer 2 different monthly plans with the handset that can either be your own or can be bought from their store. The $40 plan includes 3 GB free data, along with unlimited talk time and texts. The $20 plan gives you free talk time of 250 minutes, with unlimited texts and high-speed data of up to 250 MB. However, both plans do not include taxes.
  • Cricket Wireless: A monthly plan of $30 offers unlimited calls and texts, along with 2 GB data at 4G LTE speed. This can be availed either on your own handset or by buying one from their store. Further, a new smartphone switch can get you a flat $200 off.
  • FreeUp Mobile: With a starting plan for $10 monthly, one can earn rewards that can be accumulated to avail free services. The $25 monthly plan offers 1 GB data at 4G LTE speed with unlimited international talk time and texts.

Is there a trade-in phone deal offered by MetroPCS?
One of the best no contract cell phone plans in comparison to the others in the market, MetroPCS offers the following:

  • While most carriers offer wireless services, there is no trade-in program on mobile phones offered by MetroPCS.
  • In spite of this, an existing MetroPCS phone can be traded for a different handset through several other third-party companies like Flipswap, CellForCash, Gazelle, SimplySellular, etc.
  • These companies will let you pay for your old handset or trade your existing phone for another one through a recycling company. This will enable indirect trade-in of the handset.

What deals are available on new Metro PCS phones through their website?

  • Promotional rate plan: If many lines are connected on the same account, each line can get unlimited data up to LTE speeds through this plan on their handset.
  • Switcher instant rebate: This plan was made available only for a limited time at only select MetroPCS stores. Through this plan, the services could be transferred from an eligible existing wireless number to another phone to get an instant discount of $59 on the purchase price. But these suitable handsets need to be bought from these select Metro stores only.

What are the basic requirements and conditions to activate the MetroPCS promotional rate plan?

  • It requires at least one new MetroPCS service line.
  • At most 5 lines are allowed per account.
  • This plan can be activated only on a new line.
  • These plans are not qualified to avail further family plan discounts.
  • Compatibility of the device needs to be checked to get this LTE connectivity and can be combined with select features.
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