Finding The Right Mobile Phone Plans For Seniors

Finding The Right Mobile Phone Plans For Seniors

Finding the right mobile phone plans for seniors

It is easy to find the high-speed data and unlimited talk minutes, but most of them do not have specially designed plans for the senior citizens who do not need and want to pay for all the features. Senior mobile phone plans come with the features that are just right for their needs.

How to find senior mobile phone plans?

  • Some carriers have some plans that are designed keeping seniors in mind
  • These carriers are available online and even in the physical stores
  • A small internet research will tell you all the plans that are available now for seniors

Which carriers provide senior mobile phone plans?

  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • AT&T
  • Verizon

How to calculate the average cost?

  • The cost of senior mobile phone plans will depend on the carrier and the plan
  • You can find out the average yearly cost by talking to the provider
  • The price is mentioned online and in the stores

What are the mobile needs of senior citizens?

  • User friendly – Most young people are good with complicated plans and technology and don’t mind a device that is a bit complicated. But senior citizens are very different, and they want an easy-going device and mobile phone plans. Plans with complicated benefits and too many conditions can confuse most seniors because of which they end up paying for things they don’t need or pay for things they are unable to use.
  • More talking minutes – Senior mobile phone plans that are easy to understand and provide more talking minutes instead of internet data will be beneficial for the seniors.
  • Easy access to customer service – Seniors would not prefer going through the IVR every time they need any assistance. They would rather have someone solve their query immediately or as soon as they dial a customer service number.

How many plans are available in the market?

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) is one of the most popular plans available in the market. The following four are the popular carriers offering PAYG plans.

  • T-Mobile – The pay as you go plan has a monthly rental of $3, and you are given a choice to choose between 30 minutes or texts. If you cross 30 minutes of talk-time or texts, you have to pay an additional cost is 10 cents per minute/message.
  • AT&T – The plan is called AT&T GoPhone Daily where you pay $2 each day and get unlimited minutes and text messages. The interesting part about this plan is that you only pay on days you want to use these services otherwise you don’t.
  • Republic wireless – By paying $15 per month, you get unlimited minutes and texts.
  • Tracfone – You pay $9.99 per month and get 60 minutes.

For mobile-savvy senior citizens following the two best carriers.

  • Republic – has some nice senior mobile phone plans for tech and mobile savvy seniors. The plan by Republic is called Republic Wireless 16GB. Data is 16GB, and there are unlimited talk minutes and texts.
  • T-Mobile – plan is called T-Mobile basic monthly. Here you pay $30 and get 100 minutes and unlimited texts along with 5GB of data with high speed.

GreatCall offers the best plan for those who want to use their phone only for emergency.

  • GreatCall – the plan is called GreatCall We Talk 200. Here you pay $14.99 each month and get 200 minutes but no text or data.

Do mobile plans work only on their respective carrier phones?

  • For T-Mobile, the phone that comes with the plan is for $60 but if you already own a phone that can accommodate the plan, then you can use that instead of buying the phone. However, you will need to pay a small fee of $20 to start the SIM in both cases.
  • For AT&T, you can buy a phone from AT&T that starts from $20. If you have a phone that is compatible with the plan then you only need to buy the SIM for $4.99. There is no activation fee required here but you need to pay $25 refill card.
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