Five Myths About Birth Control

Five Myths About Birth Control

Five myths about birth control

When it comes to the side effects of birth controls, there is no dearth to what people have to say. But the real question is are all those statements true? What should you be aware of?

Myth 1: Birth-control pills lead to weight gain

This absolutely depends from person to person. Not all women who take birth-control pills end up gaining weight. You might know someone who swears that they started putting on those extra pounds only after getting on the pill. On the contrary, weight gain is most often a result of the other changes that are taking place in the body. So, stop worrying about weight gain.

Myth 2: Birth control implants also have a possibility of adding weight

It is true that any form of low maintenance and long-acting birth control methods, such as hormonal IUDs, contain progestin, a hormone that plays a huge role in menstruation and pregnancy. But this doesn’t add anything to one’s weight. Weight gain and birth control pills bear no relation to each other.

Myth 3: The use of Depo-Provera causes hair loss

This can partially be a possibility as the very manufacturer of Depo-Provera claims that about 1%-5% of the women who take these injections have complained of hair loss or zero hair growth. There is even a Cornell University study which tends to support this claim. However, it is not the case for all women. Additionally, the hair fall isn’t as much and wouldn’t make anyone bald as it is quite mild. You can consult your doctor to ensure that hair loss is just an insignificant side effect.

Myth 4: The use of birth control jacks up the hormones and ends up making one crazy

Firstly, it is important for people to understand that these hormonal birth control pills are very similar to the natural hormones that are present in women. Mostly, it is stress that leads to a hormonal impact. In case you notice mood swings or any other form of behavioral changes when on hormonal birth control methods, you can always check with your doctor for a lower dose or switch to alternate methods.

Myth 5: These birth control pills cause cancer and IUDs are the main cause of Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

Everyone speculates the occurrence of any extreme disease because of birth control methods. Similarly, people blame birth-control pills for cancer and IUD for pelvic inflammatory diseases; however, that’s not true. There is no proof that both control methods cause cancer. On the contrary, certain options have proven to actually reduce the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer. As for the PID, this is absolutely a rare phenomenon and is majorly caused as a result of STIs.

In case you want to switch to birth control methods, do so by first consulting a doctor. They may suggest something that suits your lifestyle and body, so that it can work effectively. At any given point, if you feel any side effects, meet with your doctor for alternate methods.

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