Types Of Small Business Phone Solutions

Types Of Small Business Phone Solutions

Small business phone solution is one of the important aspects to grow your business. This phone system helps to operate your business from anywhere and anytime. Small business phone solution provides flexibility in working.

What are the different types of business phone solutions?
There are three types of business phone solutions:

Landline Phones

  • Landline phone is the traditional type of solution to your small business needs.
  • Landline phones offer very restricted features to the user and are more expensive than other phone solutions.
  • But, there is one advantage with the landline phones that it is more reliable than other phone providers.

PBX Phones

  • The Private Branch Exchange phone systems, PBX are offered in two forms; one is on-premise and another one is hosted.
  • On-premise PBX system is best for big organizations as most of the hardware of the system is stored in the organization’s location. The maintenance of this system is very expensive.
  • Hosted PBX system is best for small businesses as all of the hardware is stored at the location of the service provider and consumers have to connect through the internet.

Virtual Phone Systems

  • This system generally works for both small and large business organizations.
  • Virtual phone system operates from a mobile app as a traditional phone system.
  • It has a large number of features that help in the growth of the business at a low cost.

What are the features provided by Nextiva, a business phone provider?

  • Nextiva provides you with a variety of features that assists in your business.
  • One of the features is it will give you toll-free numbers and to answer your calls 24/7, an auto attendant.
  • Nextiva gives advantages of both voice-calling and other types of communication.
  • With the use of Nextiva phone solutions, you will also be provided a special representative for accounts who give you a better service.

How is Polycom VX 600 beneficial for small business?

  • The Polycom VX 600 is operated on the VoIP system.
  • It has a large touchscreen of about 4.3” and it can help you manage everything easily.
  • This business phone system provides you with an HD quality of voice calling.
  • Some of its models also support video calling and video messaging.
  • It has a dual USB port which is a unique feature for a phone system.
  • Through this phone system, you can connect to around sixteen lines.
  • This phone system also comes with the feature of “Do not disturb”.

What are the advantages of RingCentral business phone solutions for small businesses?

  • This business phone solution is a cloud-based Virtual over the Internet Protocol phone system.
  • This phone system is easy to set up and maintain.
  • With the utilization of this phone solution, many small businesses can get a wide range of advantages. This is due to the variety of features offered by RingCentral phone system.
  • These features include multilevel IVRs, conferencing of both type audio or video, auto receptionists, voicemail, and email.
  • Also, this phone system allows consumers to make calls through a mobile or computer as it offers both a mobile app and the desktop app.
  • This phone system gives a reliable service for calling.
  • It also provides the option of live chat which is also a good advantage of this phone solution.

What are the features offered by the AT&T Synapse phone system?

  • For small business phone solutions, one thing must be considered is reliability and that is offered by the AT&T Synapse phone system.
  • It provides a large number of special features that a small or big business needed.
  • One of its features is voicemail which is a great feature that helps you receive an opportunity when you are not present in the office.
  • It also gives you a feature of playing music or message while you hold someone for some time.
  • It is operated on ethernet or Cat5 wiring.
  • There is also an advantage of headset options.
  • You can connect almost 108 phone lines with this phone system.
  • You can also get a feature of dialing by the name of the person.
  • It has large backlit displays, auto attendant option, and inbound call routing features.
  • Each phone has two ethernet ports to connect your desktop to the phone and there is no need for new wiring for this.
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