The Perfect Choice For A New Home

The Perfect Choice For A New Home

Do it yourself cabinets for hassle-free furnishing
Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are ready-made units that arrive in a kit so that you can install them easily. Manufacturers who create these types of cabinets provide all the necessary materials and tools essential for the consumer, to enable the assembly of the cabinets on site.

What are the pros of ready to assemble cabinets?

  • Shorter shipping saves time since the cabinets are in stock and ready to be sent out as soon as the order is placed.
  • Costs less than assembled cabinets since the labor of putting the fragments together has not been done.
  • All-wood constructed cabinets with plywood boxes.
  • Ready-to-assemble cabinets come with a limited lifetime warranty but they are durable.
  • Includes dovetail drawers.
  • Comes with six-way adjustable hinges.
  • Wall cabinets have full depth shelves and base cabinets have 3/4 deep shelves.

What are the types of ready to assemble cabinets?
There are three types of the Ready to Assemble cabinets:

  • Base Cabinets
  • Wall Cabinets
  • Pantry/Utility Tall Cabinets

What are the benefits of Ready to Assemble cabinets?
More flexibility than pre-made cabinets

  • Ready to assemble cabinets are mass-produced leading to lesser total costs but are much more flexible than pre-made cabinets.
  • Ready to assemble cabinets can be purchased in varying configurations and styles, and then assembled to create an additional customized, flexible kitchen cabinet solution.
  • All you have to do is assemble and install them when you have your cabinets.
  • This gives you much more flexibility in comparison to stock cabinets that can’t be custom-made at all.

Much more affordable than custom-made cabinets

  • Customized cabinets may be good but they’re extremely expensive.
  • Typically, custom-made cabinets use only the uppermost quality materials, take a long time to be designed by small, independently working craftsmen.
  • While this leads to a good-looking end product, it also causes the costs to rise steeply.
  • The cost savings provided by Ready to Assemble cabinets can be extremely helpful to homeowners remodeling on a budget.

Fast delivery and low turn around time

  • Custom cabinets take extensive time to be made.
  • You have to wait for your cabinets to be designed, and then for the required materials to reach the shop.
  • Delivery of Ready to Assemble cabinets is much faster.

Easy to assemble –Do it yourself or get professional help

  • RTA cabinets give you an added way to save money if desired so. If you’re feeling handy, you can easily put together ready to assemble cabinets yourself.
  • The tools and gears needed are very basic and simple – typically just a hammer, nails, wood glue, and a screwdriver.
  • The labor cost of assembling and installing ready to assemble cabinets is quite low, given their ease-of-assembly.

High-quality materials

  • Pre-made cabinets are typically made of low-quality ingredients.
  • RTA cabinets are of high quality than pre-made cabinets.
  • Most low-priced RTA cabinets use hardwood for the drawer fronts, frames, and doors, while the inside of the cabinet is designed using a plywood material to finish, unlike pre-made cabinets that usually use only cheap particle board and wood veneers.

What is the most important factor in ready to assemble cabinet choices?

  • Type of Wood
  • Style of cabinet
  • Stain or paint choices
  • Construction of Cabinet
  • Special features like smooth pullout drawers
  • Cost

Which type of material can be used in Ready to Assemble cabinet?

Solid Wood

  • Many ready to assemble cabinets lack in solid wood components.
  • If you are searching for high-quality ready to assemble kitchen cabinets, it is important to find ones that have at least a solid wood door.
  • This not only gives you a better, more natural finished appearance, but it also gives you the ability to paint or stain the cabinets in the future.


  • Plywood is made up of many thin layers that are glued together at an angle.
  • This gives the material additional strength and is perfect for the sides and base construction of your cabinets.
  • It is particularly good to have base cabinets made of plywood as they will support the heavy load of the countertop and small appliances.

Particle Board

  • Unlike solid wood or the stronger plywood, particleboard is made from small pieces of wood pressed and glued together.
  • It lacks the strength of plywood because it is made of smaller pieces as opposed to reinforcing sheets.
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